Logistics Legislation

1 – Legislation:

a) Presidential Decree Nr. 326/20 of 29 December – Extinguishing the National Council of Shippers and the Lobito Corridor Office, and creating ARCCLA

b) Legislative Presidential Decree Nr. 2/21 of 14 May – Approving the Legal Regime of the National Network of Logistics Platforms.

c) Presidential Decree Nr. 127/21 of 25 May – Approving the Single Logistics Window “JUL”

d) Law Nr. 11/19 of 14 May – Which introduces changes, improvements to the respective legal framework in force and makes the legal-legal framework of PPPs in the country more dynamic and updated.

e) Law Nr. 10/18 of 26 June – Establishing the general principles and bases of private investment in the Republic of Angola, establishing the benefits and facilities that the Angolan State grants to private investors and the criteria for accessing them, as well how it establishes the rights, duties and guarantees of private investors.

f) Law Nr. 35/20 of 12 October – Approving Free Zones.