Statistical Bulletins

The Statistical Bulletin is a specialized quarterly publication under the responsibility of the CNC and aims to show the volume of maritime imports made in Angola, as well as which products and market comparative analyzes.

This publication is a support tool for government institutions, maritime agents, and entrepreneurs in general, both in planning and trends of imported goods, and in obtaining data regarding maritime traffic and port movement.

With the Statistical Bulletin, the Director General of the CNC leaves an important note: “With the Statistical Bulletin we strictly follow this saying. Otherwise, let us see, looking at the data, a manager, who has to decide, will know in advance, who are our main suppliers internationally speaking; the economic agents will know who are the main importers to Angola and for which main products the inclination of the Angolan consumer depends; and statistical experts will have more accurate data on our economic dependence abroad and comparatively they will be able to observe at what time, of each year, the flow of goods entry is greater and the respective variation… ”

No other statement mirrors the importance of this Statistical Bulletin in national economic development.

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