In order to enhance human capital, ARCCLA held last October 15 the launch of the first project in the field of Human Resources.

The launch of this project took place in the Amphitheater of the Hotel Diamante in Luanda, and was attended by all employees.


The institution starts a new project in collaboration with a team of experts from the company Inga Rose, which for 4 months, will carry out the noble mission of enhancing Human Resources, focusing on the following main objectives


Develop and implement an Integrated Human Capital Management System capable of meeting ARCCLA’s present and future needs, as well as boosting organizational performance;
Providing employees with technical and behavioral skills of excellence with a view to improving professional and personal performance, distinguishing employees for their merit and performance;
Analyze and map the individual skills in order to ensure the correct placement in the organic structure of the institution;
Foster an organizational culture based on the inclusion and cohesion of employees.


The Chairman of ARCCLA, in turn, was pleased with the project which he sponsored and reminded those present that they should not remain indifferent to the reform process of the logistics sector, which abolished two Public Entities, giving rise to challenges of national and international scope and new operational requirements that everyone lives now as employees of ARCCLA.

He highlighted the need to ensure the design of a solid, harmonious and inclusive human capital development and management strategy that guarantees the achievement of professional success for all.


The Project “WE GROW TOGETHER” results from the recognition of the importance of HR practices and the role played by people in the organization as key assets and main catalyst vehicles to ensure the pursuit of ARCCLA’s mission and strategic objectives.

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