CMA CGM inaugurates the largest ship in the world powered by natural gas

CMA CGM inaugurates the largest ship in the world powered by natural gas

On September 23, CMA CGM began the maiden voyage of the largest ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world. This is Jacques Saadé, with a capacity for 23,000 TEUs, the first vessel in a series of nine that will join the company’s fleet.

The container carrier, which will take the France-Pacific route, is longer than the Eiffel Tower, with a length equivalent to four football fields. It emits 20% less carbon dioxide, 99% less sulfur dioxide and 85% less nitrogen dioxide when compared to equivalent ships.

The new vessels are the result of seven years of research and development by CMA CGM specialists, in cooperation with industrial partners. In addition to the natural gas engine, they present other advanced innovations, such as cockpit with the latest digital technologies incorporated to assist the commander and the crew, particularly in port maneuvers, redesigned rudder and propeller that substantially improves the ship’s hydrodynamics, thus reducing energy consumption.

According to CMA CGM itself, LNG is the most advanced solution today when it comes to preserving air quality, going far beyond existing regulations. Natural gas engine technology is one of the company’s first steps towards achieving its goal of neutralizing its carbon emissions by 2050.

“Jacques Saadé represents our commitment to the planet. At the same time ensuring the safety of our crew and preserving air quality, it will be part of our fight against global warming. This significantly improves the environmental footprint of the goods transported. We took a big step forward and we need to go even further to build transport that respects the environment even more ”, comments Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM.



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