How is the adaptation of the maritime industry to climate change taking place?

How is the adaptation of the maritime industry to climate change taking place?

Fourth online seminar for celebrating 18 years of MundoMarítimo


The successful cycle of webinars “Covid-19 and the maritime industry” is preparing for its fourth day to take place on October 22 at 05:00 PM CLT (GMT -3). This time the call is around the theme “Maritime Industry: Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change”, an analysis of vital importance in a global context where the sector continues to search (against time) for concrete solutions to reduce its footprint of greenhouse gases, an aspect in which it is responsible for more than 1,000 million tons of CO2e, that is, 3% of global emissions.

This issue has been the protagonist of the debate within the maritime industry in recent years. Initiatives by organizations such as the IMO to try to reduce emissions by 50% by 2050, together with multisectoral projects that seek to move from measurement to action such as the Poseidon Principles, the Getting to Zero coalition, or the Carbon Neutral programs promoted by shipping lines and global port operators are actions worth noting. However, there is the permanent question of whether these efforts are sufficient.


Added to these factors is the unexpected action of the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst in our recent history, which could well be seen as an opportunity for the sector to accelerate its progress towards decarbonization.


At the meeting, leading specialists and industry representatives will make up a webinar that will address these issues from various angles. Among them,


Monserrat Madariaga, PUCV lawyer, specialist researcher in Climate Change, LLM in Environmental Law at University College London and PhD candidate from the same university; Francisco Ulloa, director of Maersk for the West Coast of South America, Osvaldo Urrutia, director of the Center for the Law of the Sea PUCV .; Lawyer, PUCV, Chile; LL.M. from University College London, UK; candidate for a Doctorate in Law at the University of Wellington, New Zealand and Gordon Wilmsmeier, Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and professor at the Kühne Logistics University, former member of Cepal and member of PortEconomics.


As is customary at the end of the presentations, which will be moderated by Claudio Barroilhet, lawyer PUCV – LL.M. Shipping Law Tulane Law School, a short question and answer session of common interest will be held for attendees.


The cycle “Covid-19 and the maritime industry”, carried out with the purpose of commemorating the 18 years of existence of MundoMarítimo and to help clear the uncertainty that the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused in our sector an event that is sponsored by Durán & Cía. Lawyers and the sponsorship of IIDM – Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law and the Center for the Law of the Sea – PUCV.


It is worth mentioning that the seminar will have an extension of 90 minutes and will be broadcast online, through Zoom Seminars. Those interested can register here.


By MundoMarítimo

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