New Secretary of State

New Secretary of State

New Secretary of State

The Ministry of Transport has a new Secretary of State for Land Transport, appointed and installed by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço. This is Jorge Bengue Calumbo, who previously served as Director of the National Institute of Road Transport.

Jorge Bengue was appointed on 25 September by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, replacing Guido Waldemar da Silva Cristóvão. It should be noted that Jorge Bengue was once the Director of Traffic and Mobility in Luanda.

New Secretary of State recognizes outgoing quality

After being sworn in at the upper city palace, the briefing was carried out, a ceremony held at Mintrans, assisted by his Excellency Mr. Secretary of State for the sectors of civil, maritime and port aviation, Dr. Carlos Borges.

In the said act, the outgoing Secretary, Guido Waldemar Cristóvão, expressed his satisfaction for having been assigned to Mintrans’ service throughout this period, and leaves with his head held high, expressing himself available to provide all support to the newly appointed

For his part, the newly appointed Secretary of State, Dr. Jorge Bengue Calumbo, highlighted the respect and consideration he has for his predecessor, at the same time that he expressed a willingness and desire to do everything to ensure that the consultative relations remain with the outgoing, as well as expressed the haste that INTR employees expressed towards Eng Guido.

Finally, Secretary Carlos Borges, on behalf of the Minister, thanked the commitment that the outgoing employee showed while he was at the service of Mintrans, without forgetting his team of collaborators.

Source: Mintrans

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